Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Evaluation of psychological characteristics of people with a bad background before and after applying the humanistic psychotherapy model in Arshia Olive Factories Group    M.Sc.    salar karimipour    1400/08/25
2    Investigating The effect of Neurofeedback on Reducing Math Anxiety and Improving Working Memory Performance (A Single-Subject Study Design)    M.Sc.    yasaman razavian    1400/07/29
3    Comparison of the effectiveness of drug therapy, Neurofeedback and LEAP-based motivational intervention on reducing Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in patients with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder    M.Sc.    TEMOR SHAH RAHEMY    1399/11/28
4    efficay of tDCS and PRP on procrastination    M.Sc.    Rouhollah Ashouri    1399/07/16
5    The Effectiveness of Working Memory Cognitive Training on Verbal Fluency Development and Depression Level in the Elderly    M.Sc.    bahareh bahrami    1399/07/15
6    Comparative study of linguistic-cognitive abilities of stutterers with stutterers    M.Sc.    Elham Hakimi    1399/07/06
7    Clarifying the relationship between Obsessive-Compulsive symptoms and Response Inhibition with Cortical oscillations    M.Sc.    Mahyar Moghaddam    1399/06/30
8    Studey of relationship between brain lateralization, emotional inteligence on internet addiction and working memory in shirvan 2nd grade high school students -2019-    M.Sc.    Fariba Omrani    1398/12/07
9    Concreteness and emotionality effects on visual word processing using event-related potentials    M.Sc.    Mohammadreza Golmakani    1398/11/30
10    The Effectiveness of tDCS on Decision Making and Inhibitory Control in Migraineurs    M.Sc.    Faezeh Akraminejad    1398/11/28
11    Comparison of the Effectiveness of Mindfulness and Body Pysichotherapy on Hippocampus Modulation in Patients with post brain stroke Depression    M.Sc.    sahar nazm bojnourdi    1398/09/19
12    Development a virtual reality-based inhibition assessment test.    M.Sc.    farnaz payami    1398/07/23
13    Comparing the Effectivness of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Eye Movement Desentization and Reprocessing (EMDR) on Anxiety in Mothers Deaf and Hearing Loss Children    M.Sc.    marzieh izadpanah kakhki    1397/05/08
14    Effectiveness of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) on seizure and on Executive Functions of Children and Adolescents with Intractable Epilepsy    M.Sc.    Hanieh Yavarzadeh    1396/11/25
15    The Efficacy of Neurofeedback Education on Attention Bias and Working Memory in People with Obsessive-Compulsive Syndrome    M.Sc.    Shirin Esmaeili    1396/08/03
16    Effectivness of TDCS Impact on Anxiety Symptoms and Attention Bias Among Women Suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder    M.Sc.    Aida Moharam Zadeh Golyani    1396/07/12
17    Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions tِDCS to level of depression in married women    M.Sc.    elham nasiri    1396/05/18
18    the effect of brain-based learning on academic achievement and academic motivation of elementary school    M.Sc.    fatemeh kamali    1395/11/30
19    Effectiveness of transcranial Direct Current Stimulation(tDCS) on craving and executive function in waterpipe,s peoples    M.Sc.    zahra pourmohammad shandiz    1395/04/30
20    research about tDCS in mirror neuron system of love in women whit Alexithymia    M.Sc.    ZAHRA qhahremani nic    1394/12/10
21    compartion of family conflict level, attention and self-regulation in vocational and high school girls    M.Sc.    nahid hosseni    1394/11/18
22    The comparison of Spiritual intelligence and Alexithymia and the difficulty of Emotional regulation in convicted of drug related and non related and individual normal    M.Sc.    mostafa najmi    1394/11/04
23    Studying effectiveness of transcranial direct current stimulation in prefrontal cortex for heroin craving reduction    M.Sc.    mahdi ghaffari    1394/07/12
24    Study and Comparison on effect of mathematics teaching and neurofeedback on abilities of neuropsychological and learning of mathematics in spectrum autism children    M.Sc.    mohadeseh alizadeh    1394/06/29
25    Effectiveness of HD-tDCS in epileptic spikes, number of seizures and neuropsychological function in epilepsy patients    M.Sc.    JAVAD HASSANNIA ROUSHAN    1394/06/28
26    Studying the effect of tDCS in VMPFC on reaction time of theory of mind and ability emotional intelligence tests performance in healthy adults    M.Sc.    Sajjad Tavassoli Kafrani    1394/06/24
27    Effectiveness of Body-Psychotherapy on Neuropsychological Characteristics of Women with Depression Associated Rummination    M.Sc.    Parisa Ahmadi    1394/03/12
28    Evaluating the Effect of Combining Neurofeedback Therapy While Reducing Medicine Treatment on Neuropsychological Aspects of Children with ADHD    M.Sc.    Fatemeh Nademi    1394/03/11
29    The effectiveness of Dohsa-hou psycho-rehabilitation on Psycho-Motor skills and social interaction among 7-15 year old children with syndorm down in Mashhad.    M.Sc.    fahimeh khazaee    1393/11/11
30    Effects of reminiscence and reinforce spiritual beliefs - religion on death anxiety in elderly    M.Sc.    aliaki zahra sadat    1393/09/19
31    Comparison of Neurofeedback Treatment and Emotionally Focused Group Therapy on Reducing Alexithymia and Improving Marital Satisfaction    M.Sc.    Maryam Sadat Fakhri    1393/07/09
32    The efficacy of mindfulness-based psychotherapy, group pages, daughter of reducing anxiety and perfectionism BOJNURD    M.Sc.    zakieyh bidaki    1393/06/31
33    Survey effectiveness body psychotherapy on sexual function and consent marriage among wonen diabetic    M.Sc.    mahvash bagheri    1393/06/31
34    Examination of effect of group training of interpersonal communication skills and self-efficacy and job burnout among employees of Social Security organization in Mashhad city    M.Sc.    GOLNOUSH JAMALZADEH    1392/12/17
35    the psychological rehabilitation impact through dohsa-ho method on motional performance and peer relationship self- efficacy of children suffering from attention deficit-hypoactivity disorder(ADHD)    M.Sc.    farzaneh kordi tamandani    1392/11/13
36    Effective teaching stretegies in order to improve the consistency and efficienty of cognitive emotion regulation emotional save visually impaired children    M.Sc.    AFSANEH JAHANIAN    1392/11/10
37    The examine the relationship of alexithymia and resilience with mental health of students and teaching staff in dromitory of school of bakharz city    M.Sc.    zahra shah hosaini    1392/07/09
38    the effectiveness of Rational Emotive Behavior Group Therapy on General Health, Executive functions & beliefs unreasonable in mothers of children with ADHD    M.Sc.    zahra raenaee    1392/07/06
39    Effective of community_based treatment of Methamphetamine abusers in treatment based on assessment with Neuro Feedback    M.Sc.    sara dolatkhah nokhandan    1392/06/31
40    survey of effect rhythmic exercise on brain signals in womaen with depression and anxiety    M.Sc.    marzieh rostami    1392/06/31
41    Investigating the Role of Age and Gender in Learning the Foreign Language with Neuro-Psycho Linguistic Evidence    M.Sc.    Mahrokh Alamzadeh    1392/06/31
42    comparative investigation the effect of therapeutic investigation sensory motor integration and neurofeedback on increasing of attention level in students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder    M.Sc.    mohammad reza rouhbakhsh illi moghadam    1392/06/31
43    Description of pragmatic impairment in children with hyperactivity disorder and attention- deficit    M.Sc.    hamideh rabie vaziri    1392/06/18
44    Comparision of the efficiency of computerized working memory training and computerized games on Performance the intelligence and Spelling Students with learning disability    M.Sc.    zohre tookaloo    1392/04/18
45    Relationship between attachment styles and alexithymia with Hypochondriasis in non-clinical population the students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    mojtaba bakhty    1390/11/25
46    study of the Interaction Effect of Movement Therapy and Biofeedback on the Neuropsychological Characteristics in Mothers of Children with Special Learning Disabilities    M.Sc.    marziye sarvi    1390/06/31